Pank, August 2014

"Tony's Hat Lies Disused and Vulnerable" 

I saw her in front of her trailer, playing with some of my toys, wearing my hats and jackets, none of which I had given her, but I felt honored that she liked me enough to steal them, so I never said anything.


Literary Hub and Joyland, September 2015

"The Rapture, Jesus, Drugs, and Me" aka "Jesus Rides a Nuclear Warhead into My Nightmares"

The only remnant of his existence is an electric razor, still buzzing in the sink. Evidently, he was zapped to Heaven while shaving. Truly, the Rapture waits for no man, mid-shave or otherwise.


"I’ve always thought that the notion of developing a character is nonsense. My idea is that you develop a narrative space, all elements of it, and in that space, characters can have meaningful actions, or perform meaningful actions." 

Monkeybicycle, October 2014

"Revisiting Templeton with Lauren Groff"

"The metaphor I use is of a three-dimensional printer: you just add layer to layer, until you create a three-dimensional story in your mind, and you can choose the way you’re going to want to write the book in the end." 

Story Week Festival of Writers 2014

"There are No Rules: An Interview with Barry Gifford"

"When I'm involved in a novel, it's really like being in a trance for the several months that it takes. I'm preoccupied. But the great thing, Todd, is that there are no rules. That's something I always liked about being a writer. However you get it done, you get it done."