I write novels, short stories, and essays.


My work can be seen in Lady Churchill's Rosebud WristletPANK, Literary Hub, Joyland, and Monkeybicycle. I am the founding editor of Goreyesque, an online literary journal featuring work inspired by the spirit and aesthetic of Edward Gorey. Goreyesque has readers and contributors from around the world. I am a freelance editor for publishers and indivuals and a former instructor in the English Department at Columbia College Chicago.

I draw inspiration from dreams, experiences, absurd humor, and anything that mixes these elements in a literary context. I have written fiction, in one form or another, since age six. 

I am currently writing a novel about 80’s childhood innocence lost, family dysfunction, and witchcraft, not necessarily in that order. I've written over ten screenplays and intend to return to it someday.

Prior to pursuing a Creative Writing: Fiction MFA at Columbia College, I worked in marketing and PR for over ten years. I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a B.A. in Communication (English and Sociology Minors). I currently live in Chicago.